Ubsdell – Famous People Born in Portsmouth

Glad to see that the current Exhibition at Portsmouth City Museum has lifted 19th Century pictorial chronicler of Hampshire, R.H.C. Ubsdell,back into his rightful place amongst other great people born in Portsmouth; along with Charles Dickens, I.K.Brunel, Peter Sellers and James Callaghan,  see

Perhaps we can get a blue plaque on 1 Green Row and something on his unmarked grave in Highland Road Cemetery, Southsea, East Central Row 3 Grave 2 ?

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  1. I wonder aswell what happened to the Blue Plaque! Anyone in Southsea knows?

  2. if RHCU is on his own in the gre then I think we will beable to put some sort of memorial pot there with his name on but I think it would be best to ask in the office at Milton Cemetary.

  3. Chris Brindle

    Sheila, I think the blue plaque you refer to is the one seen in Ubsdell’s painting ‘Illumination of St. Thomas 10 March 1863 ‘ on that part of the boundary wall seen from the street between the property now known as The Deanery and the corner propery to Penny Street. The plaque said ‘Ubsdell Miniature Painter’. At some stage 1 Green Row acquired a new facade and the sign was probably scrapped then, if not before.

    This corner block has a blue plaque to Vicat Cole landscape painter, son of George Cole who was born there. This would appear to be an ‘ad hoc’ blue plaque along with those to Charles Dickens and W.L. Wylie elsewhere in Portsmouth. National Heritage only deals with London blue plaques, but an earlier scheme erected plaques in Portsmouth to Lieutenant Norman Holbrook VC 1888-1976, Fred T. Jane 1865-1916, Rudyard Kipling 1865-1936, Thomas Ellis Owen 1805-1862, Peter Sellers 1925-1980, Commander Edward Unwin VC, Dame Frances A. Yates 1899-1981.

    Ubsdell’s grave was apparently subsequently re-used, and on enquiry at the office I was informed that is not possible to re-purchase the grave, and it would not be possible to provide a new headstone, but was informed that it would be possible to erect a small marker, which presumably could be placed on the path border, or between grave plots. Possibly something for future design and negotiation?

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