Do you have an Ubsdell in the Attic?

Richard Ubsdell (1812-1887) was prolific.

I would love to find more watercolours. portrait miniatures, oil paintings, carte-de-visite; and stereoscopic images of Portsmouth, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight that could be by him.

Even if your items are not by Ubsdell, they could be by one of his artists or photographer competitors and would still be very interesting.

Very little is known about the minor artists and photographers of 19th century Hampshire, apart perhaps from those photographers in the Isle of Wight which are well documented.

Not every item will be signed, because frequently the signature would have been on the frame or case, and has now been lost; or a canvas may have needed to have another canvas glued to the back of it ‘relined’, and thus any inscription on the back of the canvas has been lost.

Ubsdell worked in a variety of styles and his sons George and Thomas worked in his studio, not to mention younger brother Dan from time to time, of whom very little is known.

The red curtain behind the face is however very typical in Ubsdell miniatures, as is the black and white squared linoleum in his carte-de-visite photographs.

Ubsdell photographs will probably have the Ubsdell Studio logo on the rear of the backing card.  The quality of Ubsdell’s work depended very much on how much he was being paid for it, and indeed whether the item was the finished work, or a preparatory study.

I will not display, or otherwise deal with your image unless you give me your permission.  I will try and reply to you as soon as possible after receiving the image.

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