Fishing Harting Pond

Fishing Harting Pond, Uppark Estate, November 1865

Watercolour on paper

Lady Fetherstonhaugh was the dairymaid age 20 who married Sir Harry Fetherstonhaugh age 71. He lived to be 90, and when he died she inherited his Uppark Estate, now a National Trust property. She would grow old with her sister Frances, and Miss Sutherland, a love child of Sir Harry. Presumably these are three of the ladies in the foreground.

Ubsdell was a local celebrity, could teach painting and photography, and could play the organ and piano. He was a frequent houseguest. As a gesture of thanks for his invitations he recorded scenes on the estate.  Apart from a line of electricity pylons the scene is much the same today.

(Stacey Gardner Collection)