William Chinn Ubsdell

William Chinn Ubsdell Age 21 1836

Watercolour on Ivory

This is Ubsdell’s brother just back from learning the Hairdessing trade at Barttelott’s Argyle Rooms, Regent Street, London and about to open his own salon for men and (more revolutionary) for women at No. 2 Hambrook Street, Southsea. ‘Wigs, Scalps, Bandeaus, Natts, Ringletts, Plats, Fronts, Tortoishell and Ivory Combs, in great variety’.

He would gradually expand into stationery and perfume manufacture, unhappily marry a cousin for her money, find for a short time employment for Richard’s wayward son Henry, and look after both their father and mother in their old age. The miniature was with Richard when he died and descended through the family via his eldest grand-daughter.

(Family Collection)