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Jane Austen died in 1817. Ubsdell was born in 1812 and his earliest known paintings date from around 1830.  Nevertheless for anyone wanting to get a ‘feel’ for what the Hampshire landscape was like in Jane’s time, Ubsdell’s series of watercolour paintings completed when he was crossing Hampshire in search of work between 1840 and […]

Dan Ubsdell miniature painter

We know little about Dan Ubsdell (1817-1846). He had a son with Selina Hunt (born 1825), Richard Daniel William Ubsdell (1844-1851). At times he would have worked from his parents’ house 26 Lombard Street and it was here he was to die a horrible death from an internal abscess. At other times he worked in […]

Plan to mark Ubsdell’s Grave in Highland Road Cemetery Portsmouth

    Portsmouth’s greatest resident artist in the first part of the 19th Century lies in unmarked East Central Row 3 Grave 2  in Highland Road Cemetery Portsmouth. The enormity of his achievement  has recently been revealed in two published books entitled ‘Hampshire’.  In view of his achievements it seemed only right that Ubsdell has […]